Thailand Food Tips For Tourists

It will hard to resist the urge of trying all that food you can find on the streets the moment you set foot in Bangkok. While the quality of food in Thailand is considered as one of the very best in the world, you still need to exercise a little bit of caution before stuffing your mouth with whatever food you can find. Not only will it help you avoid unnecessary trouble, but it will also make the whole experience a much better one. The following advices should be followed at all times, no matter whether you are eating from a street vendor, a traditional restaurant or even a sky bar in Bangkok.

  • Careful About Allergies – If you have any allergies, you need to be careful as some of the various food items may carry some of these allergens. Unless you can make out what the dish is made out of, it is a good idea to ask about the ingredients before making any purchases or ordering at a restaurant. If possible, try to have some food allergy cards on hand. Even better would be to actually learn a few phrases that you can use to ask whether certain ingredients are used in the food you are going to eat.
  • Dine with a Large Group – Thai diners serve food in a different manner than what you already accustomed to. The number of dishes that are going to be served depends on number of people who placed the order, which means the more people you bring, the more flavours you can enjoy. After ordering, you are free to share this food with the others as much you like. Therefore, consider tagging along with your friends the next time they want to go to a dim sum brunch place or a restaurant.
  • Enjoy Some Soup – Different kinds of soups are a staple in Thai cuisine, and one is normally ordered along with a main meal. While the soup itself can taste really good, there are some things you want to take note of. Perhaps the most important one is the fact that there may be some condiments you are not supposed to eat, like lemongrass and galangal. The other important fact is that some soups can have quite a strong flavour, and consuming them without any other dishes is not recommended.
  • Buying from Street Vendors – Purchasing something from a street vendor is a great way to have a snack on the go. Nevertheless, you may want to exercise caution when ordering, particularly if you see that not many other customers are ordering from a vendor. It usually is a sign that the food is either bad, not cooked properly (such as using old oil for frying) and you might even get sick from eating it. On the other hand, the most frequently visited stalls should be worth ordering from at least once during your travels.